Formulating Long-Term Strategies For Your Business And Intellectual Property

With a master's degree in physics and an eclectic professional background, I chose a solo practice to reflect my interest in serving a broad scope of innovative enterprises without the pressure of meeting billing targets that could compromise my objectivity. My goal is to serve clients personally, giving them the service and attention they need to succeed in their endeavors as business owners and inventors.

My advice is straightforward and focused on business success. My clients know I am not going to waste their efforts and time or recommend unnecessary expenditures.

Intellectual Property Strategies For Startups And Major Corporations

Intellectual property is a key component of many business plans. But IP is a tool, not a goal. I can help you protect your IP in a way that serves your business. I am a registered patent attorney with over 10 years of experience in trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property law. I can help you systematize your IP for optimal results.

Attorney Referrals Welcome

Explanations of technical concepts can be critical to the success of a case. Simplification without losing the integrity of the operating principle is critical to clarification, especially in front of a jury. When you need a mechanical, scientific or difficult technical concept explained or an expert cross-examined effectively, I can help. Whether for your staff, a client or in the courtroom before a jury, I can illustrate complex or abstract ideas effectively.

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