Articulate But Accessible Explanations Of Mechanical, Scientific And Mathematics-Related Principles

Attorneys are often dependent on expert witnesses to provide technical information, both to the attorney and to a jury. But expert witnesses appear on both sides of a case, leaving a jury without much to go on other than perceptions of credibility. An attorney with a strong grasp of scientific principles has a substantial advantage, both in drawing out clear and understandable explanations on direct, and in undermining an opposing expert on cross.

With a Master of Science in physics; experience in mechanical and electronic design, computer programming, statistics and experimental design; and practical skills such as welding, machining, and mechanical repair, I am well-positioned to talk to experts from plumbers to Ph.D.s. I can help plan an accessible series of demonstrative exhibits or tackle the cross of an opposing expert from a position of strength. I can do as much or as little as is necessary to secure the best outcome for your client.

For over 10 years, I have addressed technical and scientific issues in a wide range of cases, including patent infringement and prosecution, personal injury and malpractice matters.

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If you are an attorney who needs a precise narrative of a complicated process for your case, call my office in Centennial at 720-588-3510. If you prefer, you may complete my online form to reach me. At Robert N Lyman LLC, I honor the collaborative process with my colleagues in Colorado. I will work with you and your client's budget in all phases of litigation to help your client achieve optimal results.