Get Experienced Patent Representation To Safeguard Your Original Work

It is essential to work with an experienced, competent patent attorney when prosecuting an application before United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It is important to get it right the first time you file, otherwise you risk losing the ability to stop competitors manufacturing, selling or copying your invention. For some, this could mean financial disaster.

A patent only exists once the government has agreed to give it to you. You have to negotiate for protections that are granted with a patent. I represent both inventors and employers who need help navigating through the complexities of the patent process.

If your business has international ambitions, I can also help you pursue protection in other countries.

At Robert N Lyman LLC, my services include initial discussions with you, guiding you through the application process and negotiating on your behalf, as well as helping you litigate disputes. I will take almost any patent case, including mechanical, electronic to software patents. Call my office at 720-588-3510 for a consultation to get started. I serve clients throughout Colorado and the nation.

How Long Is It Going To Take To Register My Trademark?

Trademark registration can happen in less than a year if there are no similar marks and no objections from any competitor. A more complicated case might take two to three years. But note that registration, in the United States, is NOT necessary to have a valid trademark that you can enforce in court! You might have an enforceable trademark already and not realize it. Call me and let's talk about what you can do TODAY to protect your business's good name.

As with patents, I can also help you to obtain trademark protection in foreign countries. In many of those countries, unlike in the U.S., a registration is essential to have any protection at all. If you are considering selling overseas, don't let someone else steal your name.

Contact Me Today For Experienced Patent And Trademark Representation

Patent and trademark prosecution is best handled by a knowledgeable and experienced intellectual property lawyer. Contact me to help protect your business and your original work from the start.

I also represent plaintiffs and defendants facing patent and trademark disputes such as infringement matters. Are you contending with a lawsuit for infringement? Is someone infringing on your original work? Email me or call my firm in Centennial at 720-588-3510, to arrange a consultation to discuss your legal needs. I will provide an intelligent assessment of your risk going forward with the lawsuit.