Are You Or Your Business Facing A Lawsuit?

If you have received legal documents by personal service or in the mail that you do not understand, get help right away. Legal documents demand a response. If you have been served a legitimate lawsuit, there are important time limits for response. If you do not understand the documents or do not respond in a timely manner, you are at risk.

The worst choice would be to ignore the documents. You may be facing fraudulent solicitation, or it could be that you need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. If you think you are being sued, call me at 720-588-3510. If you are not sure what is going on, I can answer your questions and review your documents for peace of mind.

Proactive Legal Counsel Can Save You From Costly Litigation

There are many sources for business contracts on the internet today. Some are excellent, and some are foolhardy. Along with intellectual property counsel and advice, I can help your business by reviewing your contracts, clarifying their meaning and helping you to understand if they truly reflect your intent. I will help you create contracts that could prevent costly litigation in the future.

Call my firm for experienced guidance and assistance with:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Interpretation of business documents
  • Dispute negotiation and resolution
  • Response to service of legal documents

Accurate Interpretation Of Your Legal Documents

At Robert N Lyman LLC, I provide individuals and businesses with forward-thinking legal advocacy. For over 10 years, I have worked with both defendants and plaintiffs facing legal matters who needed an attorney's counsel and advice to alleviate the stress related to the issue. While my firm focuses on patents, trademarks and intellectual property matters, I am available for general business and personal legal advice. Call my office in Centennial at 720-588-3510, or complete my online form to arrange a consultation.