About My Practice

Robert Lyman

I am Robert N. Lyman, and I created my law firm, Robert N Lyman LLC, to provide a cross-disciplinary knowledgeable resource for individuals, entrepreneurs and other attorneys. My central piece of advice is "Don't wing it." Inventors should not try to file their own patent applications, because by the time any errors become apparent, it is often too late. Similarly, attorneys without a strong technical background should not depend upon their rhetorical skill in examining a physicist; it rarely goes well when one pretends to know what they are talking about in front of a jury.

My clients come to me for straightforward advice, counsel and legal representation. My services are based on a wide scope of interests and experience. Not only can I litigate, I can weld. I can design a mechanical device in CAD and make it real on a CNC mill. I have been a physicist, a police officer and a commercial truck driver and worked in a plywood factory. I have personally torn down and repaired systems such as a VW Beetle, a residential gas furnace and a double bass. As a lawyer, I have successfully handled cases from patent infringement to legal malpractice. I look forward to helping you achieve your optimal business goals and courtroom results.

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Put Your Idea To Work For You

As a business owner, your intellectual property is your servant, not your goal. Patents and trademarks pair with the useful nature of your business. However, intellectual property can be complex for people to fully understand and utilize, and in some cases, your best move is not to pursue protection at all. I can help you understand how to position your IP to best work for your business's benefit. My goal is to help you succeed.

Providing A Broader Scope Of Thought For Over 10 Years

I like to help people and have been doing so as an attorney for over 10 years. If you have an original idea and want to turn it into a business, call my firm in Centennial at 720-588-3510 for a consultation. If you are a lawyer who has an intellectual property or technically complicated case, call or email me to collaborate with you to help your client. I work with clients in Colorado as well as throughout the nation.